Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Advances In Weight Loss

Obesity affects over 80% of the pet population!

Obesity can cause your pet to live a shorter life.  Even being a few pounds overweight cat increase your pet's risk of serous diseases like diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular and respiratory disease.  In order for you pets to lose weight they must consume 30% less calories than what is required for its ideal weight.  To obtain your pet's ideal weight contract your veterinarian.

It can be very challenging to get your pet to lose weight.  Many of you in the past have tried feeding foods that are suppose to help your pet lose weight, only to have them not work.  Some of the foods require you to feed a very small amount, only to have your beloved pet look at you with sad and begging eyes.  Knowing that they are still hungry you give in, only to have this plan fail also.

Hills pet food company has developed a new diet that has a synergistic blend of natural ingredients that helps pets lose weight.  The ingredients include carrots, tomato pomace, flax seed and coconut oil.  This special combination of ingredient speed up your pet's metabolism, while allowing them to still feel full.  When fed over 2 months dogs lost 28% body fat and cats lost 29% body fat.  This new diet, Metabolic Advanced Weight  Solutions, is not only a weight loss product,  but also supports lean muscle and the prevention of regain in the maintenance phase.  Once your pet is on this food there is no need to switch to another food once the weight is lost.  metabolic comes in dry, canned and treats for both dogs and cats.

If Metabolic Advanced Weight Solutions will help your pet please contact us for more information.