Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)

                                                    By Tammy, LVT
All cats are at risk of Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), especially the young and unvaccinated cats.  The most common cause of URI is Feline Herpes Virus.  Cats that are stressed are more suseptable to catching the virus or having a reactivation of the virus.  This virus is very
contagious to other cats and once a cat is infected it remains in it's system for life.

    Yearly vaccinations can decrease your cat's chances of getting an URI, if your cat has been infected, life long medicating with products like L-lysine may decease the severity of flare ups and frequency of the viral shedding.

    Some signs that your cat may have an URI are sneezing, watery eyes, nasal discharge, and a fever.  in some cases your cat may stop eating.  If your cat has any of these symptons please contact us at (502) 863-0868.

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