Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thinking of getting a new dog?

Always research the dog breed before adding one as a new pet to your family. 
There are many different breeds of dogs, from fluffy and small to huge and protective. Often, people see an adorable puppy and without thinking they bring it home without any background or research of the breed. A high percentage of these puppies end up in a shelter because either the dog wasn't a good fit in personality or the health care cost doesn't fit into the budget. And please note, it is not the dog's fault if the owner has not done their homework on dog training! So, here are some things to think about when looking for a pet.

1. The larger the dog the higher the cost of food and health care
2. Breed personality: does it do well with children and other pets?
3. Does it need lots of exercise, or is it good for apartment life?
4. Common breed health issues
5, Grooming costs
6. Does it need a fence? (The answer is most likely yes)
7 What is the average lifespan?
8. Do you have time to train a puppy or is an adult dog a better fit for you?


by Tracy Frost

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