Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Have you every wondered what your pets New Year's resolution would be?

By:  Erin St. Charles

Most of us make New Years resolutions and try very hard to keep them!  But this year instead of making a resolution I may or may not keep, I began to wonder what my animals' resolutions would be.  So here they are New Years Resolutions according to my dogs and cats!


Jake the Dog:

I will continue to be awesome by waking my mom up every morning with a staring contest!!


Lenny the Dog:

I will not hurt myself this year and freak my mom out!


Sewer Sally the Kitten:

I will eat only my food and not steal my brother's.

 Cleopatra the Cat:

I am perfect, I have no need for such sophomoric games. 



Happy New Year Everyone!




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