Thursday, January 29, 2015

Working Dogs Part #1 (The Police K-9)

By Tracy Frost

Meet Hugo a K-9 officer and his partner Jeremy Nettles

Hugo is not just a K-9 officer for the Scott County Sheriff’s department, he is a partner, friend and hero. Hugo was injured last year protecting his partner Jeremy Nettles in the line of duty. Hugo put his life on the line protecting Jeremy during an investigation. He sustained significant injuries which included broken bones and numerous open wounds over his entire body. Hugo required drain tubes and a splint to help heal his injuries. Jeremy had to make countless trips to Central KY Vet Center with his friend and partner for ongoing veterinary care. After numerous hours of love and nursing care, Hugo and Jeremy were able to return back to work as partners.     


Working dogs Part #1 (The Police K-9)

The police dog, better known as (K-9) is a dog that is specifically trained to assist police officers and other law enforcement. They usually live and train specifically with one individual and is considered a law enforcement officer.
The K-9 has to be handpicked and must have a natural drive personality to even be considered for training. Once the dog has been chosen as a possible K-9 prospect he and his handler must go through a long and vigorous training course with an experienced police dog training facility. Even at the end of the training course they may still not be suitable for the job.

Some of the job duties of the K-9 unit are:

·         Discover drugs, explosives, chemicals and other illegal substances.

·         Find and rescue individuals that are missing or have been kidnapped

·         Track and apprehend fugitives fleeing from the law

·         Discover remains that have been buried or left in the wilderness

·         Locate evidence from crime scenes

·         Inspect vehicles

·         Deter criminals who might otherwise confront or assault a police officer

·         Identify people who have been carrying or having been in contact with illegal drugs or controlled substances

The K-9 cops are required to be on call 24 hours a day and must be ready to travel on short notice.  




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